Viewing works
Works are available to view by appointment in our office located in L’Isle-Adam 95290, 11 bis rue Bergeret, France.
For any request please contact Gerard Gros by phone +33 6 07 67 16 35 or by email

Laying down and Framing
Most of the oil paintings coming from the workshop are on paper. It is appropriate to lay down the paper on a canvas
to fix it on a stretcher before framing.
Laying down canvas and framing are services we can provide after a quotation by our supplier.

For framing 4 possibilities are proposed:
1)  Wood floater frame tinted with ebony color (see illustration)

2) Natural Oak wood floater frame (see illustration)

3) Wood frame called « Italian » tinted with ebony color (see illustration)

4) Wood frame called “Italian” tinted with ebony color in a floater frame (see illustration)

Shipping and Delivery
Shipping and Delivery can also be provided by us and organized with our shipping company.

Payment Terms
In case of acquisition the payment is made before delivery by swift to Fonds A Tempera.