French and passionate about art ! Here is the background story: In 1998, Gerard, the father, after 30 years of management in Anglo-Saxon companies, found himself in front of the window of a gallery located at the Louvre des Antiquaires in Paris, that was formerly run by the great grandson of Paul Cézanne himself. And it was to let! His deep interest for painting and art in general suddenly revived and he decided to take the lease.
For five years he took care of this place called Galerie A Tempera, oriented towards paintings, drawings and sculptures from the Nineteenth century, Impressionism and Modern art.
The daughter, Caroline, who had just graduated at the Ecole du Louvre, after a master’s degree in History of Art at the Sorbonne and a year at the University of Edinburgh, joined him in opening a second gallery located opposite and devoted to works on paper. In 2005, the father returned to Industry for a three-year contract and later came back to art to support her. In the meantime she had successfully has developed a faithful French and International clientele. They left the Louvre des Antiquaires in 2012 and sadly this place that used to be one of the best addresses for art in Paris is now being emptied and only a few galleries remain.

Today Caroline has joined her father in a new adventure. Indeed the contacts maintained with many exhibited painters or their descendants, through exhibitions and retrospectives, have generated and fostered close and affectionate links leading to a true mutual trust.
One of them, Pierre Coquet, now 90 years old, a “Sanziste” in Paris, often exhibited his art in the two galleries and contributed to four exhibitions in the Louvre des Antiquaires. Today he entrusts them with the sale of his workshop, where many different styles and themes can be discovered, from figuration to abstraction and post cubism.
Another workshop, belonging to Albert Coste, emulate of Albert Gleizes, one of the fathers of cubism, is also featured in the virtual gallery of Fonds a Tempera with works by other artists.
The love of art and the identity of a common taste fill this beautiful period of their lives, denoting the complicity between a father and his daughter.